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Pool Opening

-Safety cover removal and    storage

-Assemble the pump and filter

-Take the winterizing plugs out

-Fill up the pool and start   the circulation system

-Chemical treatment

-Vacuum the pool

-Install ladders and diving   board

-Balance the water       chemistry

Weekly Visits

-Water testing

-Adding chemicals

-Clean skimmers

-Backwash/Change cartridges

-Vacuum the pool up to an hour

-Brushing the pool

-Clean waterline tiles


-Turn the system off

-Drain the water level up to 18 inches below the waterline tile

-Blow out the water from the lines with compressed air

-Install the winterizing plugs

-Put antifreeze in skimmers and pipes 

-Take the ladders and diving board out

-Put the safety cover on

Other S​ervices


-Skimmer repair


-Coping stones

-Tile repair


-Filtration systems